Sadhbh Mowlds | Outside-in

Our skin, the boundary between our internal and external selves, often becomes entangled in the discrepancies of society. We live within absurd societal situations, such as gender and race, that tell us who and how to be. How much does our individual consciousness suffer when we sacrifice our true selves for the avatar society has built for us? With this project I will invert this idea by turning "outside-in" to allow our external, physical self to be conquered by our inner, true self.

all rights by Sadhbh Mowlds


The first step in this process is to create a positive - here I'm sculpting a section of a female torso in an oil based clay.

Mold-making comes next, for this particular piece I decided to use a fiber-glass mold to save on material and weight.

After I cast a very thin layer of pigmented silicone into the mold, I can begin the painting process.

Once I'm happy with the paint job, I can add hair ;)

Here's a peak of the finished skin before it gets stuffed into my glass heart...

26/01/2022 - OUTSIDE-IN

In the photo-studio with my glass heart and my silicone skin, I've kept some of my hair in the heart too, which I've been collecting throughout the pandemic (more on this in the next post!)