Marta Isabel Ramírez Silva | Symbiosis

I love glass and nature. And I also love coexistence and seeing how the difference must achieve union instead of separation.

In this project I want to unite various types of living nature (plants) with inert nature (glass plants), both of them inside a glass heart house, for some time. I can't wait to see how coexistence begins to occur between different kinds of species. How each one recognizes the similarities before than opposites, and how to learn to accept them instead of refusing them. This is the main premise of coexistence. The location will be temporarily changed to observe how, in addition to what happens inside the heart, external conditions also influence the behavior of the cohabitants. Each step will be documented by me through photos and short videos.

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ARTIST STATEMENT: With using lampworking technique , I want to allow the material to run freely, without imposing anything on it.
I only aspire to establish a dialogue with the material to be able to discover its natural flow. I wish to let it move and transform spontaneously. I hope to be an instrument, a facilitator for the glass "to be".
In my work I propose recreating the static moments of the moving water, allowing them to achieve their own nature.
I also want to represent moods and feelings through all my work, by taking different elements from nature as inspiration.



South America






First location in the countryside with succulents, typical vegetation of the place and a kind of air plant made of glass.






The second location is in the garden of my studio in the city of Bogotá with vegetation located there.


The objective of the project was to make various species coexist inside the heart of glass, both vegetal and inert, and observe how they interrelated with each other over time.





The word that defines this coexistence is EMBRACING, which is the purest sense of the concept of symbiosis.




Embracing is the word-action that exactly defines SYMBIOSIS. All associated synonyms were verified in the development of my project:








Noun / “Interaction between two different organisms that share similar habitat, living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both”


From the other side of the ocean a heart of glass came to me.

From that heart I made a house.

In that house, I made a home.

A small garden of vitreous species and plants.

My own made-up taxonomy.

From time to time, I watered them.

Water, the only food, life factory.

Day gave way to night and night to day,

And so, several moons passed.

After a while, the miracle happens,

my prediction comes true:

Coexistence without conflict between diverse beings,

Harmony despite differences.

The heart of glass is filled with green,

of vegetal extensions,

of hugs between strangers.

Synonyms of symbiosis appear as verses,

as poetry:

Help and assistance and alliance.

Collaboration and communion and service.

union, merger, reciprocity,

participation, association.

esprit de corps…

symbiosis = e m b r a c e

The perfect metaphor to apply to the human condition...

...improbable utopia