Julija Prociute | Reflective Heart


The heart for me, means the emotions and inner voice, which sometimes is so silente. The way of residence and care in everyday life, of the responsibility to choose the things to reflect to heart. It's like a reflections, images and memories container. The project idea is - to fulfill the heart with reflecting materials and explore what kind of surrounding it's capturing.


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# Reflection_1


The reflective surface, catch the surrounding in the space. This reflection of the heart is the tree bark that I found in the forest.





# Reflection_2


The reflective surface, catch the surrounding in the space. It can catch the peace of wood with the hole.







# Reflection_3


What you can see my heart?





# Reflection_4


The red brick and some metal construction...what happen to you my heart?









# Reflection_5


I'm resting on your knees my angel, you are so warm, even though you are made of cold concrete.





# Reflection_6


Green dots in my capturing reflection surface, here is coming from the power of growth.





# Reflection_7


In the middle of nature, can you hear my heart voice?





# Reflection_8


My dear heart! wrapped in leaves and lost in the branches you can hear the sound of growing.







# Reflection_9

My hands touch your smooth surface. It feels like ice.

# Reflection_10


I can feel the smell of your hair when the plants become wet, rain touches my skin and at the same time contacts your heart.


# Reflection_11


The face looks so familiar and at the same time so distanced. How can we reconnect with the heart?

# Reflection_12


Your eyes are full of sorrow and loneliness, blinking in the reflection. One, two, three it's gone.




# Reflection_13


Why are you sinking in the reflection ocean? What do you want to see? The shadows and lights mixed with some green makes me feel connected.





# Reflection_14


My dear heart! lost in the starving games, crying in the middle of the crowd, starving in the feast, let me hug you and gently caress with the hands.