Maria Phillips | What this heart seeks

What This Heart Seeks.....

On my daily walk I noticed a sheet of glass, butted up against a tree on a hillside.
The reflection of the surroundings presented a direction for the glass-heart. 
I requested half a heart, to work with, to build onto, from, within. | all rights by Maria Phillips


For the past two months I have been looking at, looking through, and looking to find what the other half of this heart will be. I have attempted to photograph reflections on it's surface, through it's surface, but never found the answer. For a recent project, I returned to the wooded area mentioned above, to gather material, specifically moss, the sensuous green velvet, blanketing the PNW. In the NW moss is fancied a sort of porn, we can't get enough of it. For many it signals a sense of home. For the next month or so, the hearts' home will be in these woods, growing, living. 

May 17, 2021  

This past March, the forest blanketed in fern and moss, Spring still dormant, I placed the heart - half glass, half steel wire covered with paper and moss - next to a fallen tree. 







In early April, the moss I had covered the heart with had fallen back to the earth along with much of the paper.


I returned on May 8th, spring in full bloom, the area completely overgrown and the heart difficult to find - as it had been consumed by the environment,  plants growing around and through it.

I will remove the heart from the forest a day or two before the summer Solstice on June 20th, and will place it in a different environment - the Puget Sound and wait, again.......until.......