Sonja van der Burg | HEARTWORK

At times I feel the beating of my heart
so firm it’s like it’s beating
outside of me

decades ago I had a dream
I was leaning forward on a machine
that copied my heart

Now I can hold it and work with it
to feel from the inside, to work from the outside
let it exist

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I love how the heart came to me, the creased white wrapping paper appearing like congealed clouds
I love to hold it and make it mine, to share my life with and surround it with the materials and forms that fill my life. Like a diary.

19th of December 2020


We liepen over het land, door de bossen en langs het water
richting van de boerderij van het glasatelier
daar, in de bocht van de weg, wisten we
waren walnoten, vers van de boom.

Het hart viert herfst, de vruchten van de zomer
vult de kamers, vloeit over
de tafel, belicht door een lage zon


We walked over the land, through the woods and along the water
in the direction of the farm of the glass studio
there, in the bend of the road we knew
were walnuts, resh from the tree.

The heart celebrates autumn, the fruits of summer
fills the rooms, overflows
the table, exposed by the low sun

17th of February 2021


When the heart beats - Into the Jungle

I walk in my house holding the heart
plants in the jungle of my room
remind me of the many lives
the different images, the totems
that roam, fly out and return
with stories, adventures
winterwonders grow and meet
share and leave their shadows

Slowly disappering…


walking with my heart 8058

one eye sees 8192

flying dog light

19th of March 2021


blanket of winter

she had to dash



March 19 2021

the blanket of winter
the stories grow
waiting tob e sung
waiting to be heard
stich by stich …

calling the song

April 7th, 2021


Like a corset
soft and tender
facets of life
as spring
with sun and snow

June 10th, 2021

The blue dear

The heart, it softly reminded me

She waved, signaling to come

And yes, unmistakingly

Something blue peeked

Quietly at me

Still for a moment as to

Have its portrait taken before

It disappeared again


July 13th, 2021


Returning, to breed, to fly, to feed,

they came amongst others, the swallows

Blue Wolf
Returning after years of absence they returned
to explore, to join, to breed and to feed


The green of trees started to colour into yellow and reds
and when the winds came they showed their leaves
in a blast of colourful rain the dance tot he earth
leaving their brances as fragile lace

and high above roaming
the sea eagle
looking for a mate
looking for a nest
preparing for next spring

meeting the flying horse
on it’s way on to the heart of glass

While below in the salty waters
guests coming from the arctic
the ice duck in his winterdress

















Finding a sunny place
amongst the others

March 12th,2022


when it all comes together

And then

A final touch

Before the official portrait

A kind of goodbye

They were important

And strange times

Together with this

Many hearts shared

Personal friend


It became very dear