Simone Fezer | terrenum et caelestis 2.0 - von der erde und des himmels

mein herz des waldes. da ruht es. in frieden. strebt hoch hinauf in die himmel. wächst. wurzelt. erdreich. oben nicht ohne das unten. spuren an und spuren in.

my heart of the woods. here it rests. in peace. here it grows. reaching into the heavens and the sky. here it is. rooted. the above in the below. traces. return. but still: not all those who wander are lost.   |   all rights by Simone Fezer

 Mid October 2020

on the way. the first stage of terrenum et caelestis 2.0. leads into the ground. back to the roots.

Video by Ele Runge

Beginning November

What I really like about this format is the openness, the possibility to experiment with posts, change your mind, edit and re-edit.. More like a diary, but one that allows for changes and alterations. Literally

Nov. 4th 2020


Anxious. And still on the way. Where to?

The intention is clear, is it, what about the result.

open. more or less

(this was about the political situation while the votes at the presidential election in the US were still being counted, and doesn´t necessarily relate to the video here, but it´s interesting to have a record of personal feelings on a particular date at a particular to another (seemingly unrelated) current of activities and interests)

Video by Ele Runge

Nov. 15th 2020


resolved. moving forward. erleichterung hat vieles durchdrungen  more clarity

Video by Ele Runge

Dec. 26th 2020


into the ground, ready to start growing again, resting and growing roots.

I do not know yet when I will dig it up again, for now I leave it to have things happen to it, maybe when this comes project comes to a close, or another project comes up, where the results are of interest.

Video by Ele Runge

Feb. 28th 2021


Buried it. In the summer and in the sun, dazzling lights overhead, green leaves, darkness to rest? We´ll see when it comes out again...

Dec. 21st

by now it´s winter again, summer but a memory.

On my way high up into the tree. My love for trees. Rising up from the ground. Rising grounded

Me. Coming close. Still barfoot on the ground.

Feb.27th 2021


a memory of summer.

and no care but climbing trees.

now people are at war who do not want to be. people like you and me.

maybe we should return to the trees.

climbing high

Sep.10th 2022


long time no post. hoping for the end of a wonderful but way too hot and dry summer. change is obvious, devastating and scary.

first rain after a long time.praying for more. and more

Glad the trees are still green. my love.

Anfang Oktober

in meinen ersten versuchen ließ ich mich von spontanen inspirationen leiten. es sind experimente, erkundungen am herzen, versuche, um herauszufinden welches potential vorhanden ist und was sich damit machen läßt, vielleicht also eher samples, mustersammlungen


in these first trials I folloed spontaneous inspirations. These are experiments, explorations trying to find out which potential is there, what one can do with it, mapping the space for new inspirations growing on the grounds of the first ones. collecting samples...