Heidemaria Thiele | heart of ice

Eis und Herz—scheinbare Gegensätze ergänzen sich in meiner Arbeit.

Eis steht für kalt, frostig, unnahbar. Gleichzeitig bietet es Schutz, ist Hülle, macht unempfindlich. Ein vom Eis umhülltes Herz nimmt diese Doppeldeutigkeit auf,

ist vor Verletzungen und Anfeindungen sicher, lässt aber keinen direkten Kontakt zu. Der Prozess des Auftauens zeigt beide Aspekte gleichzeitig.

Ice and heart seem to be opposite positions. Ice symbolizes coldness and freezing but it can otherwise be shelter and cover. An ice covered heart makes it r

esistent to hostility and vulnerability, but does not establish direct contact. The melting of ice shows both aspects at the same time.

all rights by Heidemaria Thiele | https://gedokhamburg.de/heidemaria-thiele/

patches of ice

climb up the lines

surround the cracking forms

like frozen cold dresses

made for the univers


patches of dreams

of a golden sunrise

full of shining flowers

harmless lying

in the early morning fog

kissed by the sun


patches of whispers

suckle at my rotten mouth

smile at my broken eyes

rule the message to my deaf ears



without warning



without warning

my warm breath

undresses you

eats your shelter

climbs between your roots



my warm breath

takes you away

to a sunny port

opens the door

to a flowered garden



my warm breath

meats you by heart

dances with the light

watches your rhythms

until the wall comes down






frozen heart


screaming for shelter

longing for sun

reaching for life


stoned with ice

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